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Addiction Walker Walking Shoe by Brooks Men’s:

This is the best shoe I have ever found for my feet. I am a rather large guy who has spent most of my life bouncing between shoe brands trying to find the right shoe to give me the support that my body needs. For years I settled on ProWalkers from Rockport, but when my doctor recommended Brooks shoes to me, I was in! The shoes tend to work very well as a shoe I can wear every day while they also help take some aches out of my feet. It’s been a little over two years, and I am on my third pair, whereas, I would more than likely be on pair number five of the Rockports by now.

 Odyssey Cushioned Running Shoe by Spira Women’s:

I have been using Spira shoes for years now. In fact, I used to wear Spira Trail Runners, but the company stopped making them. However, a Spira representative recommended that I try the Odyssey instead. What a great shoe! It is very stable and comfortable, although it tends to run a little small so you will want to go about a half size up.

Women’s Classic Leather by Spira:

I spent a lot of money going through Nike, K-Swiss, an Asics shoes until I found the perfect shoe with Spira. There will be more to come with Gravity Defyer reviews, but I believe it is safe to say I love them because I am getting ready to go buy my third pair of Spira Classic shoes.

I work as a medical and surgical nurse in a very busy unit in a big hospital. These shoes have helped me with several pains including knee and other lower extremity pain and discomfort caused from being on my feet all the time and my plantar fasciitis. Not only are these shoes lightweight, but the springs inside also provide you with excellent energy return and support. Even though the soles are slip-resistant, I still take special precautions working in such a busy work environment, no matter how resistant to slipping they are, you never know! In the end, I feel very confident about these shoes, and I would not think to buy another brand in my line of work; I recommend these to as many nurse colleagues as I can!

Stinger XLT Athletic by Spira:

First off, Spira shoes are my favorite and I love them! I work as a nurse and stand so much that I put a lot of extra stress on my legs. These shoes made an immediate difference with ridding me of foot and leg fatigue. My Spira’s are very, very bright yellow and young people all over love them, although my friends over the age of 40 don’t care for them too much. Though, I don’t care what anyone thinks about them because they are great for running. The shoes give me a sense of buoyancy that I don’t normally have. One thing to note is that I usually wear an 8 and a half to nine where in Spira runners I bought a 9B-C and found them too narrow and short. Instead, I got a 9 and a half C-D and even though they were a little too wide my feet had enough room. I am on my feet 80% of the time, and I have found that I can walk for 12 hours and still not have tired legs or feet.

Wavewalker Cushioned Walking Shoe by Spira Men’s:

I recently purchased my second pair of shoes from Spira. I was so happy with the comfort and perfect fit of my first pair that I couldn’t help but order a second pair. I was not disappointed by either the first or second pair because for the fit, quality, comfort, price, and wear, you can’t find a better product elsewhere.

Gravity Defyer  $10 OFF $125 ORDER

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