Gravity Defyer Reviews: The Solution To Shoes For Back Pain


Comfort is one of the primary factor that people want in their shoes and after I read many Gravity Defyer Reviews I decide to buy it and share my own experience wearing it. It has become necessary for people to have shoes that will do something physical for them and a lot of renowned brands are starting to please customers the way they want it. Today, there are shoes that have the capacity to hold pedometers or music players in the insole or built-in workout. proves that their shoes will relieve your lower back, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain.

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Gravity Defyer Reviews: Versoshock Trampline Technology

Through the “Versoshock trampoline technology,” they promises pain free on their line of shoes. This technology includes the twin stabilizer and memory springs placed inside the heels of the shoes. To put it bluntly, their shoes has shock absorption capacity when you step down and propel forward – otherwise known as rebounding. This in turn will reduce stress and revitalizes you.

However, making this kind of serious promise requires further testing and I had the opportunity to try their shoes out before I write Gravity Defyer Reviews. I decided that I wasn’t really the ideal candidate for their shoes because I don’t suffer any chronic pain. So I gave the shoes out to my mother who often had the 2-mile walk routine and is basically on her feet most of the time. Recently, she experienced some knee pain so I decided that she’s a perfect test subject. The Ballistic style was the one she tested out and below you can find her daily review of the shoes –

Gravity Defyer Reviews: 5 Day Experience

DAY 1 – Worn the Ballistic shoes this morning and experienced NO PAIN on my knee! It came more of a shock because I am usually limping with pain in the morning when I wake up. I took out my dog, Lola, for a 20-minute walk and still pain free – highly unusual. Off from work today so not much Gravity Defyer Reviews write for now as I am just sitting around the house.

DAY 2 – Had my 2-mile walk to work and I feel great with the shoes. I stood in one place at work and 6 to 7 hours later my feet started to ache a little but when I walked around the aching melted away. I got a ride home today so didn’t have to do the usual 2-mile walk. I felt my feet were hurting a little but not as bad as before and my knee is still pain free! At this point I decided to write this Gravity Defyer Reviews and share with people.

DAY 3 – Worn my Ballistic shoes the moment I gotout of bed. The shoes became my miracle treatment for knee pain and as long as I wear the shoes on it doesn’t hurt at all. Again, I went to work with my 2-mile walk routine and felt great so far. I felt revitalized but standing for long periods of time gave my feet some pain. At the end of work, my feet still felt sore but when I walked it home it began to feel better.

DAY 4 – I wanted to write this Gravity Defyer Reviews because I realized the system that works for me: Wear the Gravity Defyer when walking 2 miles to work and when I take Lola out, then bring another pair of shoes that I can use when I stand long hours in a single place, and finally wear the Ballistic shoes back when I walk on home. Great! Perfect shoe day for me! I’ve shared my experience with the shoes so far with my customers and they were impressed. I won’t wonder if some orders come pouring soon.

DAY 5 – I wore the Ballistics all day as I had a lot of errands to day in place for my day off. I don’t have a car so I will do a lot of walking and taking public transportation to the grocery store, hair salon, bookstore and some more plus taking Lola out for a walk – pain free foot and knee. These shoes are great when you’re always on the move.

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In conclusion I do recommend this shoes because it really helped me. I hope my Gravity Defyer Reviews helped you, try a pair and it may change your life dramatically.